About Us

We hold this truth to be self-evident:

Raw American products are proudly born, bred and handcrafted to perfection in the United States of America. It is our pledge to you and a promise we hold true.

Our High-Performance Products are:
  • Formulated for everyday use
  • Created to perform as promised
  • Expertly blended to add a healthy shine
  • Crafted to enhance styling and distinction
  • Allergy tested
Raw American: Crafted Grooming

At Raw American we have one goal:  To make sure every man can confidently and comfortably wear a beard that is as healthy and strong as it is soft and stylish.

It sounds simple enough but the truth is, no two men, or beards, are alike.

That’s why we cut to the core and craft only fundamentally-sound, performance-based men’s care products. Whether your style is clean-shaven, full beard or Van Dyke, we pledge a commitment to taking as much pride in your appearance as we do our own.

We are Raw American … the brand and the belief that people and products should do what they say they will. We stand for authentic ingredients turned into American-made products that work.

If you want to transform your raw, coarse facial hair into a naturally handsome, incredibly crafted and amazingly healthy and soft beard, we welcome you to experience our fresh approach to beard care.

This is where bearded tradition meets the modern man.

Introducing crafted grooming products that blend as easily into your regimen as they do your beard, so you always put your best face forward.

Our Story

Beard Bundle started in 2015 as a way to help my family, see my wife was diagnosed with a tumor on her Pituitary Gland which is in the brain its very small but controls your entire body. I was a disabled veteran out of the U.S. ARMY now and not shaving regularly so I had a nice 3 month growth going on and we ordered some products online and they where ok but not what I was looking for. So with my wife's background in skin care and my beard we came up with the perfect blend of essential oils and fragrance. We also set out to make the products less oily and absorb very quickly, we achieved this and so began the Beard Bundle journey and what is now the Raw American brand. All of our products where tested by three total different Dermatologists to make sure we where 100% all natural. Then we set out to make the brand 100% recyclable so we found the perfect containers and all glass bottles in order to make that happen. Mind you all of this happened because a great friend Marc Summers told me to find a name a buy the website. We did and here we are today my wife doing well and we just had our second child a baby girl which should have never been possible with the medication she was taking. God works in Amazing ways. Thank you all again for taking the time to read our story and feel free to email any questions you have.

Eric Cowdrey

CEO Beard Bundle LLC.

It’s time to get back to your roots.